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CrowdFlower “AI for Everyone” Challenge Announces Winners and Opens Applications for Next Round

CrowdFlower, the human-in-the-loop AI platform for data science and machine learning, announced its third round of winners for the’ “AI for Everyone” Challenge whose proposals advance AI and machine learning through the CrowdFlower platform. With over $1 million in prizes the yearlong Challenge selects two finalists each quarter based in part on the level of impact the proposed projects may have. 

The Challenge invites individuals, organizations, and companies to solve problems in any industry using AI.  The two finalists for the current quarter both submitted winning proposals focusing on extensive databases for the human language.

The first proposal came from a collective of professors, academics, and Ph.D. candidates drawn from Cornell University, the University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Rochester and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  The group proposed using CrowdFlower’s AI technology to categorize different forms and of hate speech on the internet.

The second winning proposal was from assistant professor Wei Xu of Ohio State University and her team who propose using CrowdFlower for their large-scale database of human language called LanguageNet. Through CrowdFlower, the team will crowdsource human labels for sentences and then train deep learning modules to identify large-scale semantic relations. The expectation is that the work is compatible with Feifei Li’s ImageNet project.

“When I first used CrowdFlower as a customer in 2010, it was for disaster response that involved both Human and Machine Intelligence. So, the 'AI for Everyone' winners are working on problems that are very close to my heart,” said CrowdFlower CTO, Robert Munro.

CrowdFlower describes itself as a data solving platform that “combines the best of human and machine intelligence to collect, clean and label data, no matter the size or complexity”.  It touts corporate clients’ ebay and Spotify among others as users of CrowdFlower to test and tune their machine learning algorithms. Yet, CrowdFlower sees its platform as making AI within the reach of every business.

The application period for the next wave of winners is currently open and submissions must be made before March 14, 2018 at