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Brains Worldwide Foundation Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Protect Children from the Hidden Dangers of Concussions

Brains Worldwide Foundation launched a crowd funding campaign on #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving, seeking to fund concussion research, and the release of the Objective Brain Concussion Assessment and Monitoring Syst...

Petnet $4 Million Raise From Tech Leaders, Amazon, iRobot plus Black River

Petnet raised $4 million from tech leaders Amazon, iRobot and Black River to support and grow its digital supply chain that allows owners to get better food for their pet at lower costs. About 75 perce...

Glowforge Breaks Crowdfunding Record with 3-D Laser Printer

On Saturday October 24, Glowforge's campaign for their 3D laser printer made crowd funding history, according to its recent press release. The Seattle based tech firm raised $27,907,995, eclipsing previo...

Seed 2 Growth Ventures Launched to Address Need for Healthy Food and Sustainable Agriculture

In an economy where consumers are increasingly more aware of the benefits to healthy eating, a newly established food and agriculture venture fund, Seed 2 Growth Ventures (S2G), is focused on assistin...

Texas Venture Growth Forum Draws Investors to Local Technology Companies Seeking Series B and plus Funding

Inspired by high rate of local investing done in Silicon Valley, the Texas Entrepreneur Network and Hermes Investment Group have co-founded and launched the Texas Venture Growth Forum to take plac...

Staples' Entrepreneurial Store Showcases Crowd2Shelf Contest Winners

Thousands of startups from across the country have competed, but only a few were selected to showcase in the first-ever entrepreneurial store featuring crowdfunded products. Created by Fundable and spon...

Steve Case Invests in Four Female Founded Startups

Standing by his concept that "great startups exist outside of the well-known Silicon Valley and New York areas", Revolution CEO & AOL co-founder Steve Case announced, at the second annual Google ...

Tusk Ventures Launches, Supporting Startups in Highly Regulated Industries

Described as the company "capable of the impossible" by New York Times, NYC-based Tusk Ventures has officially launched its operations. Formerly Tusk Strategies, the company fought and defeated local...

Lima's Successful Kickstarter Campaign Bolsters its Storage Technology Launch

After reaching its Kickstarter funding goal in less than 12 hours, Lima, an award-winning storage technology company, has raised over $1.2M from 12,840 backers. The crowdfunding project, as well as a...

L'Oreal USA's Women in Digital NEXT Generation Awards Beckon Female Tech Entrepreneurs

For the fourth year in a row, L'Oreal USA is investing in the next generation of female entrepreneurs through their Women in Digital NEXT Generation Awards. This event supports and emp...

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