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LiveIntent Marks Growth and Funding Milestones

Millions and millions of ad impressions and many more to come; that is how Dave Hendricks president and co-founder of LiveIntent begins his startup story. And it is quite a story given how far LiveIntent has come in four short years.

Founded in 2009 LiveIntent introduced a disruptive advertising service that "simplifies the work flow for setting up an ad around email." Publishers and content creators using the service could more easily aggregate and manage their various email newsletter campaigns to achieve optimal ad revenue.

One metric reflecting LiveIntents success is total ad impressions. Hendricks uses it to describe how quickly LiveIntent has scaled. Just prior to their B funding round they managed 23 million total ad impressions. At the time of their C round this past January LiveIntent on a typical day handled -a tenfold increase of that number before lunch,- Hendricks explains.

Will LiveIntents high growth continue? Hendricks gives a solid -yes!- as he explains that that they are only reaching 2 per cent of their addressable market. A market that he estimates to be about 4 billion email account holders. In the world of fund raising, this is something that venture capitalists love to hear.

With formidable competition that includes Google and Facebook, as well as those who possess their own 'home grown' solutions to email newsletter ad management, LiveIntent plans to remain aggressive. Hendricks notes the critical importance of -grabbing market share.- He recalls how just four years ago they were pleased to simply have new clients of any size, and now their target clients typically -have several million ad impressions per month.-

LiveIntents customers such as the Wall Street Journal and Conde Nast not only use the template driven service to manage their email newsletters across campaigns and aggregate ad placements, they also have the option to bring their unsold inventory to LiveIntents ad exchange. Prior to LiveIntent Hendricks describes clients as having 'low ad placement for the newsletter campaigns and now they are attaining 100 percent ad placement via the exchange. LiveIntent is not only a cost saving service for clients, it is also a revenue generator for them. This is another aspect of LiveIntents model that is greatly valued by investors

The founding LiveIntent team of Hendricks and co-Founder CEO Matt Keiser was formed after they had both departed content solutions provider Pulsepoint, though exiting at different times. Early client traction and funding has resulted in their tight team of five in 2009 now reaching almost 100 employees-- with 40 new hires last year alone. They expect that hiring pace to continue.

Hendricks thinks their venture is well positioned for the future. He stresses the enduring importance of email addresses to digital marketers. -Marketing to people is more effective and rewarding to all parties than marketing to pixels,- he explains. The email address is a -unique identifier that enables marketers to reach people when they are paying attention and when they are consuming content in real time.-

LiveIntent and other innovative companies like it continue to focus on technology solutions that will help marketers match their customer data in real time to where their target audience is. LiveIntent plans to remain a key player in this next wave of digital marketing solutions--- and that is one more check off for investors who are supporting LiveIntents future.